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The importance of writing a good dating profile

The way to attract get the most messages from the best possible matches is to spend a little time making your profile the best is can be. It doesn't take a lot to make it stand out from the crowd and make someone want to get in contact.

Think about it, whenever you do a new search or get a message what do you usually do first? You check their profile, right? Is just natural, you want to find out more about them you want to feed your curiosity. Have you ever looked at a profile that really stands out? Makes you feel you want to know more about that person? Hopefully we'll show you how you can get yours up to the same standard.

The first step is filling out all the easy check box type questions, smoker or not, basic physical appearance that sort of thing. These are shown in the same way in all the profiles. So people will be in the habit of checking them, they are also used in our search engine. The more things you fil out the more times you'll show up in relevant searches. It's an easy way to get more people viewing you. When you're filling it out always be honest, you'll get better matches being yourself than by trying to be someone else.

Next up, choose a good photo of yourself. While it's not compulsory to have a picture on your dating profile you are far more likely to attract messages if you have one. We like to see who we're communicating with, it's just a human trait. Choose a picture showing your face, preferably one where you look happy - your work ID probably doesn't really do you justice. As you can add more than one picture you may want to add a full figure picture in as well. Even a camera phone can take a pretty good picture now so if you can't find a picture have fun taking a picture just for your profile. One tip though, watch out for the background make sure you have a quick tidy up beforehand. We advise not to include your children in your pictures. While it is a members only site, you may find it better to share family pictures only once you get to know someone.

So not the simple parts are done it's onto the daunting task of that empty box where you're meant to write something about yourself. If you draw a blank go and have a look at some profiles that you think are good. What have they written? Try to avoid the old cliches or not really saying anything meaningful. Ideally you want someone to be interested in you after reading your profile and be able to ask you questions. Giving them something to go on will make it easier for them to send interesting messages to you. What made you join the site? What have you done recently that's a bit different. How do you like to spend your time? Remember you can always come back and edit it if you need more time to think about it.

And there you have it. It's not that hard to make your profile more interesting than the average. Be honest, put some thought into it and imagine you're talking to your perfect partner and it'll all come together.

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