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Staying safe online when you're dating.

Luckily 99.999% of the scare stories you hear about online dating are just that. Stories. The vast majority of people are just like you. They really do want to find someone and start a relationship. But as with anything in life. It pays to be a little cautions and follow your instincts.

The main thing to watch out for is scammers, there are a small minority of people who pray on someone's emotions to make them hand over money, often the story is they need it to travel to come and see them. We work really hard to make sure these people are kept out, and if you ever see anything like that happening please report it to our support team. If someone asks you for money never give it to them. You may feel bad, especially if you've built up a relationship with them but that's how they trick people. Just report them.

As with anything online you need to think about the information you give out. If you were in a bar would you give out your home address or lend someone your keys? The same applies online. Fill your profile with interesting information but hold back on anything that's truly private or that could compromise your well being. For example don't put up phone numbers or messenger ID's. Also respect people's privacy when you put up pictures. If you have a group picture then remove the other people if they haven't said it's ok for their picture to be on our site.

Obviously we are a site dedicated to single parents looking for new relationships. It's only natural that people are going to want to know about your family and you about theirs. You may want to keep your children's names and their details to yourself at the beginning. At least until you've built up a bit more of a relationship. As a parent you'll have a good instinct for what sounds suspicious. Go with your intuition if something doesn't sound right and if you are ever concerned about another member please contact our support staff.

Reading through the things above it might sound scary. But really it's just common sense. All of those things we do in real life anyway, sometimes we just need reminding that online we also need to take a few precautions.

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